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Improve search engine crawling and enhance visitor navigation now!

Breadcrumbs are structured links that allow a visitor to track their path from the page they are currently viewing to the home page of your shop. These links help your visitors to navigate your shop and discover products easily.

The breadcrumbs contain Structured Data to increase SEO performance. Structured Data is a standardised format for providing information about the page content. Search engines use Structured Data to crawl and index your site. Google provides great documentation and a tool to test the Structured Data from your shop.

There are a lot of customisation options available in the app, so the breadcrumbs will fit into your theme perfectly. You can easily select on which type of pages the breadcrumbs should appear.


The breadcrumbs contain Structured Data to help search engines understand your site structure and content, and improve site crawling.


Breadcrumbs are an elegant and easy way for your visitors to navigate your shop. Allow your visitors to discover your products easily.


Customise the breadcrumbs to fit your theme perfectly. Decide where the breadcrumbs should be shown and how they should look. It's easy.


Some pages should not be found and indexed by Google. This app allows you to easily define which pages should be excluded from Google.

This app is still under development.


Exclude pages from Google search results.


You decide which pages should be indexed.


Simple yet powerful SEO Shopify app.

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